Views of the Park

Such a hidden gem. Come and seek out our quiet corners and peaceful views.

Celebrating our wonderful Volunteers

We run volunteer events every year in the park. We love to see new faces turning up to help with planting, painting, cleaning, running stalls and refreshments. There’s something for everyone – just turn up on our advertised days and get stuck in!

New Playground

Our lovely new playground, funded and organised by the Parish Council. A wonderful resource that is enjoyed by new and old alike.


In September 2012 our shiny new playground was finally opened. We celebrated with a big Fete and a ribbon cutting by the winners of our Logo competition.

Tank Tracks

In preparation for the installing the playground the army lent us some tank tracks so that the field was not damaged by the installation equipment. It was a rather wet summer!

Old Playground

The old playground was removed in 2012, having been condemned. It was possible to save a only few pieces of equipment, such as the swings and springers. It had not much of interest for older children, but the new playground was hotly anticipated.